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Biking the Columbia River Gorge

By Linda Tancs

Is there a bad time to bike the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon? It all depends on your seasonal preferences. Weather in summer east of the Cascades can top 100 degrees fahrenheit. And be prepared for spring rains, icy winters or slippery fallen leaves in autumn. So, pick your poison, as they say. Whichever season you choose, be sure to take in the scenic delights offered by the Historic Columbia River Highway (a national scenic byway), the first scenic highway in the nation. Three Highway State Trails are now open, and more are under construction. Beginning at the city of Troutdale and traveling east, you’ll find Oregon’s most visited waterfall, Multnomah Falls.  Views of the Gorge include Portland Women’s Forum Scenic Viewpoint, Vista House at Crown Point and Rowena Crest. Enjoy the view; just remember to share the road.


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