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Archive for January, 2008

Countdown to Mardi Gras

By Linda Tancs

Time flies.  Just a mere 5 days to go till New Orleans brings down the house.  There’s still time to book your flight but, alas, is there (affordable) room at the inn?  Maybe  can help.  Check out the parade schedules and other Mardi Gras must-knows at  It wouldn’t hurt to pray for better weather, either.  Some krewes have already been postponed or cancelled.

You’ll need a warm shirt, with temperatures hovering in the 50s tomorrow.  Why not buy a Louisiana sweatshirt here:

Journey Through History in the Greek Isles

By Linda Tancs

In the current edition of Travelrific® Travel Show, the topic is Greece.  The architectural and cultural wonders of Greece extend beyond the city limits of Athens.  Discover the treasures of the islands.  Find out more at

Religious Theme Park in Argentina Draws Faithful

By Linda Tancs

Now 3 million-plus visitors strong, Tierra Santa (Holy Land) in Buenos Aires is a Christian-themed park offering a taste of Jerusalem in Christ’s time.  This $7 million dollar ode to religion was built in 1999 and boasts depictions of more than 30 biblical events, ranging from the creation of man and the exodus to Christ’s birth, death and resurrection.  The resurrection, in particular, is re-created throughout the day with an 18-meter statue rising towards the heavens to a recording of Handel’s Messiah.  In an effort to provide a multicultural experience, the park offers a mosque and a temple amidst statues and exhibits of popular and historical figures such as Gandhi, Martin Luther, Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II.  The multicultural flavor extends to the food offerings as well, ranging from hummus to pizza.  Thankfully absent these days is the laser show, a spectacle discontinued after it interfered with air traffic.  Although it may be arguable whether it lives up to its moniker as the “Disney of religion,” in this plastic city of commerce, culture and history there’s surely a god for everyone.

Travel Search Engine Merger Provides Added Convenience to Consumers

By Linda Tancs

Internet savvy travel consumers may not have to worry about cross checking results on Kayak ( and SideStep ( any longer.  Their merger promises enhanced searching capabilities, including more data and faster results.  According to SideStep, its toolbar will continue to work as usual.  Time will tell whether post-merger integration issues enhance or thwart the customer experience.

Prepare Against Food Perils in Weather Emergencies

By Linda Tancs

Travelers should remember that, in addition to packing adequate clothing and supplies for weather and potential weather emergencies at your destination, it is equally important to guard against foodborne illnesses that could arise when good weather goes bad.  The USDA guidelines for keeping food safe during an emergency provide good tips for travelers, too.  Go to

Celebrity Cruises Is Going Green

By Linda Tancs

In a move illustrative of the ever increasing competition among cruise lines, Celebrity has announced that Solstice, its Caribbean-traversing megaship debuting later this year, will boast real grass on its top deck.  One can only assume that their market research indicates a desire among the consuming public to have the scent of freshly mowed grass added to the salt air experience.  Or perhaps the bocce ball and croquet lobby got the best of them.  Whatever the case, there’s sure to be quite a premium to pay for all the irrigation and maintenance of this lawn experience.  Ants and weeds are optional.

Sundance a Draw for Film Cognoscenti and Skier Alike

By Linda Tancs

It’s not too late to make your way to Utah’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, running from 17 January to 27 January.  And remember, they say that folks come to Park City for two reasons: Sundance and skiing.  So if upping your arts quotient isn’t your cup of tea, then head for the pistes. Pick up free ski vouchers at the Sundance box office if you can, or just head for the slopes. Snow conditions are reportedly favorable, so hop on the next plane to Salt Lake City, and experience what many consider to be the best powder quality anywhere.

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