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Capitals of Culture in 2022

By Linda Tancs

As noted in last year’s post on the subject of European Capitals of Culture, the title holders have been shuffled around a bit given the lack of festivities during the COVID pandemic. This year’s title holders are Novi Sad, Kaunas and Esch. Interestingly, all three cities are the second-largest in their country. On the banks of the Danube, the city of Novi Sad in Serbia boasts a colorful thoroughfare known as Dunavska Street and a fortress nicknamed Gibraltar on the Danube. Lithuania’s Kaunas is known for its artistic flair, including unique modernist architecture. One of its most famous sons is George Maciunas, who founded the experimental art movement known as Fluxus. Esch in Luxembourg is known as a metropolis of iron ore, a symbol of the country’s steel industry. It’s part of the region known as the Land of the Red Rocks (also known as the “Minett”), a nod to the bright red iron ore that gives the earth its color.

Past the Duchy

By Linda Tancs

Quiz:  Which of the following is associated with Luxembourg?  Tax-free banking or Villeroy & Boch?  Both, actually.  But there are other items of interest in this tiny country bordered by Belgium, France and Germany–the world’s only Grand Duchy (meaning its ruler is a Grand Duke).  In fact, the tourism board lists six great reasons to visit, to wit:  panoramic views at Chemin de la Corniche, a walk through the old quarters, wine tasting in the Moselle Valley, military history, Michelin dining and biking in the Ardennes region.  Worried about getting around?  Take the hop on, hop off bus.  There’s also a miniature train from May to October.  In short, something for everyone.


Regional Culture

By Linda Tancs

Europe celebrates itself each year with the designation of a Capital of Culture.  In 2007, the designation goes not to a city but to a region–Luxembourg and Greater Region, to be exact.  Of course, Luxembourg had its close-up in 1995, so it’s only fitting that it share the glory this time around with some of its neighbors.  Those neighbors include Belgium, Lorraine in France and Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland in Germany.  Don’t leave your appetite at home–you’ll find more Michelin-rated restaurants in Luxembourg per capita than anywhere else.

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