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A Cathedral of Limestone

By Linda Tancs

Tsingy is the Malagasy word for “walking on tiptoes,” quite appropriate for the limestone cathedral dominating Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. Its otherworldly, needle-like rock formations hundreds of feet tall draw tourists not only for the views but also for a chance to see amazing endemic flora and fauna. Decken’s sifaka, the red-fronted brown lemur, fat-tailed dwarf lemur, grey mouse lemur, Cleese’s woolly lemur and the Sambirano lesser bamboo lemur are only found here. You might view some over the several hanging bridges kissing the karsts. The park is only open during the dry season (April through November).

Avenue of the Baobabs

By Linda Tancs

One of Madagascar’s most popular tourist destinations, the Avenue of the Baobabs in the Menabe region sports a line-up of stout trees with spartan branches at the uppermost reaches.  Resembling an upside-down tree, six of the eight baobab species in the world are native to this country.  Visit at sunset for particularly inspiring views.

Going Green in Madagascar

By Linda Tancs

Recent reports indicate that Madagascar, the Indian Ocean island off the coast of southeastern Africa, just got a little greener. As in frogs–200 new species of them. Not all of them green, of course, but if you put them all together it might look like a small treetop. The way things are going, it may well be the only way to get the feel of a canopy in this idyllic island nation. Word has it that the protected forests are being plundered. In fact, rainforest destruction there is among the highest on the planet. And that gives our amphibious friends really something to croak about.

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