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Power in the Pyrenees

By Linda Tancs

The Song of Roland is a historic saga set in the Pyrenees, recounting the epic tale of a heroic knight who died saving Charlemagne (Charles the Great) from an ambush.  That’s not the only legendary aspect of this area.  Consider Andorra, a country between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains.  The sixth smallest nation in Europe with an estimated population of 83,888 in 2009, it tourism industry is estimated at over 10 million visitors annually.  Some of them undoubtedly go to El Castell de Ciutat (Castle of the City), a hotel located on a small hill overlooking La Seu d’Urgell, the town of the Prince-Bishops. With the Pyrenees as the backdrop, this hotel is surrounded by Catalonia’s biggest nature reserve.  Retreat into luxury.


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