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The Whalebone Arch

By Linda Tancs

Constructed in 1933 from the jawbones of two blue whales to commemorate the centenary of continuous British administration in the Falkland Islands, the Whalebone Arch is a popular tourist attraction in Stanley. You’ll find it in front of Christ Church Cathedral, the southernmost Anglican church in the world. LATAM offers weekly flights to Mount Pleasant Airport on East Falkland, where bus service continues to Stanley. A number of cruise lines also travel there as part of a South American or Antarctic itinerary.

Winging It in the Falklands

By Linda Tancs

The black-browed albatross has the largest wingspan of any flying bird. You’ll find two-thirds of the world’s population in the Falkland Islands, a compact group of more than 740 islands approximately 400 miles off the southeastern tip of South America. Rendered an endangered species by BirdLife International, this majestic bird breeds on Steeple Jason and Beauchêne Island. Perhaps one of nature’s best kept secrets, the unspoiled terrain of this UK Overseas Territory draws visitors from around the world, particularly in conjunction with cruise tours of Antarctica via the Drake Passage.  There are also scheduled flights from Europe or other parts of the world with LAN Chile via Santiago de Chile and Punta Arenas. Not up for a commercial flight? Consider hitching a ride with the RAF via Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. It won’t be cheap, but it will certainly be adventurous–as will ground travel. The Falklands has the greatest number of four-wheel drive vehicles per capita in the world thanks to, shall we say, choppy road conditions.

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