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The Tunnel of Love

By Linda Tancs

It might be hard to imagine that a section of industrial railway could attract romantics from around the world, but that’s what happens at the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine. Located outside of Klevan, the 2-mile passage of track is wrapped head-to-toe with vegetation. The resulting canopy provides an irresistible tunnel of sorts for romantic strolls. Just keep an eye out for the train.

Mythic Kiev

By Linda Tancs

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, known as much for the abundance of historic architectural monuments as for the shady horse chestnut trees lining the city from end to end.  There’s almost a Parisian flair to this distinctive Slavic city—after all, the Dnieper River divides the city into two banks, left and right—just like its sister city to the west.  Learn more at Travelrific Radio.


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