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The Old Wagon Trail

By Linda Tancs

Nebraska pays tribute to America’s westward expansion at the Great Platte River Road Archway in Kearney. The 1,500 ton structure crossing 308 feet of the heavily traveled I-80 emulates a covered bridge and commemorates the pioneering spirit—from the Pony Express to the creation of the first transcontinental road (Lincoln Highway). Officially opened on June 9, 2000, it offers visitors the opportunity to see and hear over 170 years of American history.

Chicken and a Movie

By Linda Tancs

Forget the poppycock.  In Wayne, Nebraska, it’s all about chickens.  The Wayne Chicken Show takes place from 8 -10 July this year at various downtown venues accessible by shuttles.  Complete with cluck-tible souvenirs and hot wings, the festival includes a rooster crowing counting contest, quilt show, parade and the world’s largest chicken dance.  Now that should put some pluck in your cluck.


Hit the Ground Running in Omaha

By Linda Tancs

Attention all marathoners:  time to test your mettle on the rugged terrain of Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, September 23rd.  But your sneakers are worn down, you say?  No need to worry.  Run without them in this year’s first barefoot runners category.  But don’t forget your t-shirt.

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