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Archive for September, 2007

Autumn in San Diego

By Linda Tancs

Although it may be difficult to think of fall harvests and foliage tours in sun-drenched San Diego, there are events in that area to celebrate the rise of the harvest moon.  Consider, for instance, the apple harvest in the town of Julian, just one hour east of the city.  Until the apples run out (and you better hurry, some picking sites are already closed for the season), you can enjoy the fall foliage mountain views of Cuyamaca from the orchards.  Any particular shade of crimson you’re looking for?  Check out the fall foliage maps and hotline provided by the US Forest Service,

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Financial Centers to Link Via Continental

By Linda Tancs

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced its tentative approval of a new route linking Newark and Shanghai.  Continental Airlines was awarded the coveted route, which will begin non-stop operations in 2009.  Start saving your pennies now for this shoppers’ paradise.

Budapest, Hungary

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific Travel Show, the topic is Budapest, Hungary.  Once divided by the mighty Danube, the bridges now uniting the ancient cities of Buda and Pest provide stirring panoramas of this architecturally diverse metropolis.  Learn more at

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A Million Gallons of Beer Await You in Munich

By Linda Tancs

For those who don’t mind a little invasion of their personal space, now’s the time to head to Munich for Oktoberfest, which kicked off on September 22nd and runs through October 7.  Just be prepared to sing and sway shoulder to shoulder with your comrades.  Prosit!

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Hit the Ground Running in Omaha

By Linda Tancs

Attention all marathoners:  time to test your mettle on the rugged terrain of Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, September 23rd.  But your sneakers are worn down, you say?  No need to worry.  Run without them in this year’s first barefoot runners category.  But don’t forget your t-shirt.

Negative Air Fare is the Latest Gimmick in Fare Wars

By Linda Tancs

You may recall the words of the late Nobel economics laureate Milton Friedman, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Well, sort of.  In a bid to distinguish itself from the competition, Spirit Airlines is offering “negative” fares on limited routes on limited dates for a limited time.  So for those with limited funds, act today or be forced to pay. 

The Districts of Hong Kong

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific  Travel Show, the topic is Hong Kong.  You’ll find no shortage of sartorial delights in this pearl of a city known for its sweeping high-rise views.  Find out why on

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