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The Charms of the Gazelle Peninsula

By Linda Tancs

The Gazelle Peninsula extends northeast from the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. It’s where you’ll find cultural treats like the fire dancing of the Baining people, who live in the mountain forests of East New Britain Province. That’s nothing compared with the intense volcanic activity of the region, where Tavurvur and Vulcan have continued to erupt. The region is also where the Germans settled when they colonized the country in the 19th century. Along the route from the main towns of Kokopo and Rabaul are war relics from World War II, barge tunnels and caverns. And if that weren’t enough, nearby Duke of York Islands offers up an unspoiled paradise perfect for snorkeling, diving and picnicking.

The Kokoda Trail

By Linda Tancs

The formidable trek known as the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea has a storied past, being the site of the battle between Japanese and Australian forces during World War II. The physically demanding journey takes you 60 miles overland through the Owen Stanley range, a slog through mud and hills that’s surely evocative of a war zone. The trail, popular with Australian tourists, is quite the mecca for any adventurous soul or military buff. In Sydney there’s a memorial walkway commemorating the Australian forces –a lot less arduous to navigate but very poignant.

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