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Rest for Oenophiles

By Linda Tancs

Do you hate shuttling between wineries, losing time to drink in (no pun intended) the countryside over a leisurely glass of vino?  In New Zealand, your ship has come in.  Actually, make that a motor home.  Maui, a vehicle rental company, is offering wine havens, a motorhome rental for an overnight stay at select vineyards.  Now relax, and enjoy the view.


Where the Stars Are

By Linda Tancs

Light management is critical to preserving the beauty of the night sky.  Just ask the folks at the International Dark-Sky Association, a non-profit organization fighting to preserve the night.  They’ve certified five places in the world as an International Dark Sky Reserve–in other words, that’s where the stars are.  The honorees are Mont Mégantic in Canada, Exmoor National Park in England, Aoraki Mackenzie in New Zealand, NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia and Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

World’s Steepest Street

By Linda Tancs

Dunedin, New Zealand boasts the world’s steepest residential street, with an average slope of 1:5.  Recognized by Guinness World Records, 1150-foot-long Baldwin Street gives any StairMaster a run for its money.  Good thing a water fountain greets you at the summit!  Best of all, though, it runs up Signal Hill, offering great views of Otago Harbor.  Together with the peninsula, Otago Harbor is home to some of the rarest wildlife in the world and New Zealand’s only castle, Larnach Castle.

Adventure in New Zealand

By Linda Tancs

New Zealand is an island in the southwest Pacific Ocean, populated with an array of natural wonders like glaciers, fiords, mountains, plains, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau, and sandy beaches.  Roughly the size of Britain, Japan or Colorado, nearly a third of the country—divided into a North Island and a South Island—is preserved national park land!  Tune in to Travelrific® Radio and let’s explore its gorgeous landscapes.

Natty Napier

By Linda Tancs

Napier, New Zealand is feted as the Art Deco capital of the world, a term derived from Exposition des Arts Modernes Decoratifs et Industriels, held in Paris in 1925.  The east coast city, dubbed the Nice of the Pacific, has the highest concentration of Art Deco buildings in a single area.  The best way to see it all is by a guided tour plus bus or vintage car excursion.  High season is the GEON Art Deco Weekend in February, including over 200 events, but this sun-kissed city welcomes you anytime.

The Sound of Silence

By Linda Tancs

Silence is powerful, even spiritual.  That may be one reason why New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound is such a popular attraction.  Part of Fiordland National Park, it is the deepest of the fiords and blissfully serene, featuring a range of flora and fauna along its many islets.  Experience its serenity for yourself via kayak, cruise, day trip or overnighter.

A Sky Walk in New Zealand

By Linda Tancs

What’s taller than the Eiffel Tower, has three circular public observation levels and a view of 51 miles (give or take) on a clear day?  Why, it’s the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.  The twelfth tallest tower in the world, each of its observation decks offers 360-degree views of the city–and beyond.  If you’re not content to admire the surroundings from the inside, you can walk or jump as well.  The SkyJump lets you feel like Superman as you base jump 192 meters straight down.  If that’s not enough of a rush for you, then consider the SkyWalk, a jaunt aruond the edge of Sky Tower’s pergola in a full body harness and overhead safety lines.

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