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The Lion Rock

By Linda Tancs

One of Sri Lanka’s most popular attractions is Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Otherwise known as Lion Rock, the site in the Central Province boasts the ruins of an ancient stronghold from the 5th century atop a rock standing over 600 feet above the surrounding plain. It was built by King Kashyapa as a fortress against attacks from his brother, the rightful heir to their father’s throne. On a plateau halfway up the rock Kashyapa built a gateway in the form of a huge lion with a staircase emerging from the lion’s mouth, giving rise to the moniker “Lion Rock.” A series of stairs leads to the summit, a portion of which contains the remnants of the lion’s paws and the first stairs.

World’s End in Sri Lanka

By Linda Tancs

The Horton Plains are located on Sri Lanka’s highest plateau, providing the most extensive area of cloud forest still extant in the country. Designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1969, it became a national park in 1988. The biodiverse environment includes over 50 species of flora, more than 20 species of mammal and nearly 90 species of birds. Visitors ply the six-mile loop for enviable views, including features like the famous World’s End, a thrilling escarpment boasting a 3,700 foot sheer drop that offers fabulous views of the tea estates below. Best time for a visit is in the morning on a weekday. The whole country also basks in sunshine this time of year.

Eye Kandy

By Linda Tancs

Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka, so famed for its sacred Buddhist sites that the entire metropolis is designated a Sacred City by UNESCO. The highlight is the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, housing a tooth of Buddha. From that hub springs a feast for the eyes, like man-made Kandy Lake and its breathtaking views from the walking and jogging paths. Also nearby are the Royal Palace, home to the monarch of the Kingdom of Kandy until the early 1800s, Udawattakele Forest Reserve and the famous orchid collection at Royal Botanical Gardens.

Sri Lanka’s Center of Pilgrimage

By Linda Tancs

A sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, Dambulla cave monastery is the largest, best preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka and one of its most popular historic sites. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, its assets include the 2,000-year-old murals depicting the life and times of the Lord Buddha and a collection of 157 statues of his image. Of its five sanctuaries, the Temple of the Great King is the largest, measuring 170 feet from side to side, 75 feet from front to back and 22 feet at its highest point. It’s dominated by an overwhelming mosaic of frescoes. Located in the central part of the nation, the site is about 92 miles east of Colombo.

The Emerald on the Green

By Linda Tancs

Known as the “Emerald on the Green,” Galle Face Hotel is a Sri Lankan icon hosting royalty and other glitterati since 1864.  One of the oldest hotels east of the Suez and one of the few remaining colonial hotels in Asia, it’s situated in the heart of Colombo opposite Galle Face Green.  Its old world charm is being preserved through a restoration project in the Classic Wing, which will continue to house historical memorabilia and artifacts.

A Wonder in Asia

By Linda Tancs

Sri Lanka bills itself as a wonder of Asia—and no wonder.  From the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean, this tropical island in the Indian
Ocean offers visitors a panoply of exotic charms.  Listen in at Travelrific® Radio for some highlights.

Sri Lanka Requires ETA For Travel

By Linda Tancs

New year, new beginnings.  Sri Lanka now requires visitors (except for Singapore and Maldives travelers) to obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) in advance of travel.  The ETA requirement applies to a holiday visit, a short business trip or a transit through Sri Lanka.  Applications may be made online or in person.

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