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Budget Travel in Dubai

By Linda Tancs

For better or worse, Dubai is one of those places with a reputation that you need a trust fund to play there. Sure, that may be true when it comes to the super-luxe shopping malls and hotels, but you can enjoy la dolce vita at this Middle Eastern hotspot without breaking the bank. How about enjoying a museum depicting the pre-oil days of this gleaming metropolis? Or window shop at the Bastakiya historical district, where you can find a bed and breakfast in the area for as little as 350 dirhams. You can even rent your own abra (a wooden boat) at the quay to take you across the Dubai Creek for a mere 100 dirhams per hour. Are you ready, captain?

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Take a Pass on Ozone

By Linda Tancs

As the ground-level ozone alert rises in New Jersey, mass transit agencies encourage people to take a break from the wheel.  On designated alert days, employees whose businesses belong to the New Jersey Air Quality Partnership can commute via bus, rail or light rail for under $3 with an Ozone Pass. Now you can breathe easier.

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Paris on a Budget

By Linda Tancs

The French capital is rich with displays of cityscapes and architecture, festivities, sports, arts and entertainment.  But is it too rich for your wallet?  Fortunately, no–if you know how to stretch your euros in the City of Light.  Find out more at

New Hotel Chain Promises a Lofty Experience

By Linda Tancs

If tight ceilings, small beds and even smaller TVs are putting a crimp in your hotel experience, then maybe Starwood’s new offering will give you a lift, or should I say, a loft.  “aloft” is the newest budget entry in the chain’s array of properties, sporting oversized windows, HDTV flat panels, oversized beds and showers, and 9-foot ceilings that even Brobdingnagian guests should find comforting.  The majority of open properties at the moment are in North America, ranging from Montreal in the East to Rancho Cucamonga in the West.  Other properties slated to open in 2009 and beyond include hotspots such as Orlando, Nashville and Denver in the U.S. and international locales such as Brussels, U.A.E. and the Asian Pacific region. With hotel development in full vigor worldwide among the leading players, let’s hope that guests won’t be aloof over aloft.

Negative Air Fare is the Latest Gimmick in Fare Wars

By Linda Tancs

You may recall the words of the late Nobel economics laureate Milton Friedman, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Well, sort of.  In a bid to distinguish itself from the competition, Spirit Airlines is offering “negative” fares on limited routes on limited dates for a limited time.  So for those with limited funds, act today or be forced to pay. 

Comparison Sites for Budget Conscious Travelers

By Linda Tancs

At some point in a traveler’s life it’s inevitable that someone–maybe in the seat right next to you–will disclose that great fare find that differs dramatically from one’s own.  In the past, you might just chalk it up to experience, or luck, or a better travel agent.  Now there are two Web sites to help the inexperienced, or unlucky, or agentless traveler get the best deal.  One of those sites is, which offers trend analysis on various city pairings to help you “time the market.”  Another site is, which offers its own market analysis and a recommendation whether to buy or hold.  Just one more way to level the field for all travelers, so take advantage of it.

Virtual Travel

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of the podcast Travelrific, the topic is virtual travel, or, put another way, travel via the internet.  At least this is one mode of travel that won’t put a dent in your wallet.  And if your fear of travel inhibits your wanderlust, then virtual travel may be the perfect solution.  So where in the world would you love to be–right now?  Listen in and find out how to get there–virtually, that is.  Visit

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