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The Tiniest Drawbridge in the World

By Linda Tancs

Two half spans separated by a 22-inch-wide plank.  That’s reputedly the smallest drawbridge in the world.  Located in Sandys Parish in Bermuda, the Somerset Bridge is a charming little attraction.  You can follow it to the railroad trail, the remains of the old Bermuda railway system that existed between 1931 and 1948.


Art That Will Transport You

By Linda Tancs

Painters use a wide variety of media to showcase their craft: canvas, cloth, glass, metal, paper, wood, buildings–even the human body.  Now, add a ship’s hull to that list.  Popular artist Peter Max has been commissioned by Norwegian Cruise Lines to paint the hull of its newest megaship, Breakaway.  Scheduled to debut in May 2013, the ship will homeport in New York City and sail to Bermuda.  Bookings are now open to the general public.


Rugby Rules in Bermuda

By Linda Tancs

Rugby fans are heading for Bermuda for the 22nd World Rugby Classic.  Now through the 14th, teams competing for the top spot hail from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom & Ireland, South Africa and the USA.  While they’re there, they’ll help celebrate Bermuda’s 400th anniversary on 10 November at the National Sports Center.  A few short weeks later comes the signature anniversary gala on 5 December at Fairmont Southampton.  What you won’t find there during this festive season is Jack Frost–temps remain in the 60s and 70s.  So put your dancing shoes on and come join the party.


400 Dollars for 400 Years

By Linda Tancs

You still have 6 days to get a $400 resort credit at Bermuda’s ultra-casual 9Beaches Resort for travel until 21 August as part of their celebration of Bermuda’s 400th anniversary. Hotels are so yesterday. Here you’ll stay in a private cabana (beachside or over water) with an ocean-view veranda. If this all sounds fancy schmancy, you’re quite wrong. Flip flops, not ties, are in order. With names like Top Banana, Aqua Vista, Sea Forever or Coco Coral, you should have no problem finding lodging that meets your personality type. Bring the kids, too; an extra cabana can be had for 50% off. And yes, there are 9 beaches!

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Passport Cards Offer Convenience for Travelers

By Linda Tancs

Marketed as a less expensive and more portable form of passport book, the passport card gives U.S. travelers returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean a wallet-sized form of entry at seaports and land borders to meet the requirements of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.  The card does not, however, replace the need for a passport when traveling by air.  Like a traditional passport, the card is expected to have anti-counterfeiting features.  Each card will also have an embedded radio frequency chip linking non-personal information to a secure government database at border stations.  Applications for the card commenced on February 1, 2008 and delivery is expected in the spring.  You can apply at any passport application facility.  Find the one nearest you at

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Alluring Bermuda

By Linda Tancs

Legend has it that if you walk through a moongate, you’ll return to Bermuda someday.  Chances are, you’d return anyway.  Find out why at

What’s New in the Western Hemisphere: Part Deux

By Linda Tancs

 Attention all procrastinators:  time is up for winging it through the Western Hemisphere without official documentation.  You may recall that passport requirements were relaxed in the wake of an avalanche of applications that were filed (and very much delayed) to meet the new requirements.  Effective today, you must have passport in hand for your flights to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean.  Limited exceptions (in the way of military travel, for instance) apply.  Still don’t have that passport?  Expedited service is running at about 3 weeks, they say.  Go for it.

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