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Gateway to Galapagos

By Linda Tancs

Guayaquil is a port city in Ecuador, known as a gateway to the Galapagos Islands. More than a transit stop, this commercial city stretching along the Guayas River is enlivened by a riverfront promenade, Malecón 2000, featuring historic monuments (like La Rotonda, a statue depicting a famous meeting of South America’s two most prominent liberators), modern sculptures, museums, botanical gardens, fountains, bridges, children’s play areas, shopping outlets and restaurants. The northern end connects with Las Peñas, the oldest neighborhood in Guayaquil, boasting the largest concentration of colonial architecture and picturesque wooden houses. The founding of the city is celebrated with a festival tomorrow, preceded by today’s national celebration of the birthday of liberator Simón Bolívar.


Birders Love Mindo

By Linda Tancs

Mindo, Ecuador is a birder’s paradise. An easy 2-hour bus ride from Quito, this corner of northwestern Ecuador is home to hundreds of varieties of hummingbirds as well as the cock-of-the-rock, a South American denizen bearing an orange-crested head and brilliant orange, black and white feathers along its back and wings. Budding birders and pros alike will benefit from a guided tour, proceeds of which may likely benefit conservation efforts, depending on the tour company selected.


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