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The Pearl of Minsk

By Linda Tancs

The capital of Belarus, Minsk is a colorful city full of historical places, monuments and sports centers. Among its many offerings, a true gem is Trinity Suburb, located in the historic part of Minsk, on the left bank of the Svisloch River. Dating to around the 12th century, the development then known as Trinity Hill was a thriving commercial center. No less so today, this picturesque setting with pastel-colored homes boasts museums, antique shops, souvenir stores (bearing items with iconic views of Trinity), cafes, restaurants and art galleries. Get there via Niamiha station on the metro.

An Architectural Trifecta in Belarus

By Linda Tancs

Mir Castle, a red brick fortress in Belarus, is a trifecta of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture.  Located in the town of Mir in the Grodno region (55 miles southwest of Minsk), the fortification serves as an emblem of the vast Lithuanian empire that ruled the region, the castle grounds having once belonged to the grand dukes.  The castle complex was later built by Prince Yuri Ilyinich in the 16th century and became the family home of the Radziwills for over two centuries, who undertook extensive renovations of the complex to include an artificial lake, an Italian garden and a three story Renaissance palace along the eastern and northern walls of the castle.  Recently renovated and restored, the castle is again open to the public.

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