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Perfection Evolves at Celebrity Cruises

By Linda Tancs

Celebrity Cruises made clear that it doesn’t want you thinking of its ships as a concrete and steel jungle when it inaugurated a real grass lawn aboard Solstice.  With the recent unveiling of Silhouette, they’ve taken the concept of the great outdoors a step further.  Like outdoor grilling in the new, interactive Lawn Club Grill.  You can also rent a cabana on the lawn for a private retreat, or take art lessons from resident experts.  Sailing to the Caribbean and Europe in modern luxury, the fourth ship in the Solstice class also offers sweeping veranda views in 85% of her staterooms, or take in the sights from the observation lounge.  Now you’ll always have a room with a view.


Celebrity Cruises Is Going Green

By Linda Tancs

In a move illustrative of the ever increasing competition among cruise lines, Celebrity has announced that Solstice, its Caribbean-traversing megaship debuting later this year, will boast real grass on its top deck.  One can only assume that their market research indicates a desire among the consuming public to have the scent of freshly mowed grass added to the salt air experience.  Or perhaps the bocce ball and croquet lobby got the best of them.  Whatever the case, there’s sure to be quite a premium to pay for all the irrigation and maintenance of this lawn experience.  Ants and weeds are optional.

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