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America’s First Scenic Byway

By Linda Tancs

Columbia River Highway is America’s first scenic byway and a National Historic Landmark. Dubbed the “King of Roads,” the 70-mile route extends between Troutdale and The Dalles. It was built through the Columbia River Gorge between 1913 and 1922 and offers scenes ranging from waterfalls galore to clifftop views above the river. Beginning at the city of Troutdale and traveling east, you’ll find Oregon’s most visited waterfall, Multnomah Falls. To travel the byway, follow the keystone signs from Troutdale east to Dodson and from Mosier east to The Dalles. Spring through fall is the best time to drive. Start now; during the spring, the gorge area erupts into magnificent wildflower displays, including many plants that only exist there.

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