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Jade Green in Slovenia

By Linda Tancs

All destinations benefit from great reviews that boost tourism. That was certainly the case for Slovenia’s Zelenci Nature Reserve, when British scientist Humphry Davy wrote, “There is nothing more beautiful in Europe than this.” Apparently, he was attracted to the area’s lakes and waterfalls. No doubt he found the reserve’s centerpiece enchanting, which is its jade-green lake sourcing the Sava River (the country’s longest). You can view the lake and the 36-acre reserve through a series of well-constructed walkways. Along the way you’ll likely see some of the rarest plants in the region, like cottongrass, pygmy willows and alder trees. The reserve is also home to species like the whiskered bat, sand lizard and scarlet grosbeak. The reserve is less than 2 miles from the alpine resort Kranjska Gora near the village of Podkoren.


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