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The Women’s Titanic Memorial

By Linda Tancs

Memorials to RMS Titanic are located around the world in cities like New York, Southampton, Cobh and Belfast. What’s unique about the memorial in Washington, D.C., is its dedication by the women of America. Indeed, funds for its construction were raised by donations from women across the country, including one of the first-class survivors, Mrs. Archibald Forbes. The memorial was unveiled in 1931 by Helen Taft, widow of the 27th U.S. President William Howard Taft. Like an eagle with outstretched wings, the moving centerpiece of the memorial is a 13-foot-tall figure of a partly clad male with arms outstretched, standing on a square base. That’s because the structure honors the men who gave their lives so that women and children might be saved. Tucked away along the city’s quiet southwest waterfront, the memorial is located on 4th and P streets.


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