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The Land Nearest Nowhere

By Linda Tancs

If you have a hankering for a trip to nowhere in particular, then the land nearest nowhere is as good a destination as any.  So where is nowhere?  Answer:  Cape Three Points in Ghana, West Africa, where zero latitude meets zero longitude at zero altitude.  You’ll avoid the rainy season this time of year although a weather phenomenon known as the harmattan, a dry northeast wind, blows almost continuously in January and February.  The drive from Takoradi, dotted with crop farms, rubber plantations and local fora and fauna is just as amazing as the panoramic views from the solar-powered 1925 lighthouse waiting for you at the Cape.  Now that sounds more like somewhere to me.

Living History in Ghana

By Linda Tancs

Central Ghana’s history as the Gold Coast of the British Empire belies its shameful past as the post of last resort for African slaves bound for the New World. Specifically, Cape Coast Castle was a fort (more accurately referred to as a dungeon) for captured West Africans or those sold into slavery during the 1600s to early 1800s. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site and museum, the stark cave-like dwellings are open to tourists. Cape Coast is the capital of Ghana’s central region, located on the Gulf of Guinea. From its hilltop location you’ll get striking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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