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Your Poseidon Adventure

By Linda Tancs

Imagine a bit of five-star luxury on the sea floor rather than the seashore.  That’s what you’ll get someday at Fiji’s Poseidon Undersea Resorts, the world’s first true undersea resort.  Touted as a “once in a lifetime” experience, this undersea hotel is a one-atmosphere habitat, the pressure inside the structure never changing from surface pressure regardless of depth.   As a result, diving credentials are not required.  Guests will enter the air-conditioned and humidity controlled resort through an elevator at the end of a pier.  The luxe facility will feature spa treatment rooms, an undersea wedding chapel, a five-star restaurant and both underwater and seashore excursions and activities.  Ready to book your Poseidon adventure?  Not so fast.  The resort isn’t open yet, but you can register today for the chance to make history later.

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