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The Little Airport That Could

By Linda Tancs

Can you name a place where such luminaries as Amelia Earhart, General James Doolittle, several U.S. Presidents, Elton John, Diana Ross, Harrison Ford and Shania Twain would have gathered (not all at the same time, of course)?  The answer is Trenton Mercer Airport in Trenton, New Jersey.   Opened in 1929, the county airport averages 100,000 take-offs and landings each year, including flights to Florida.  Its illustrious history includes a role in the production of the WWII Avenger torpedo bomber.  Less than five minutes from the terminal building, the parking facilities are reasonably priced.  The parking lot can be accessed from either airport entrance (Scotch Road or Bear Tavern Road) directly in front of the terminal.

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