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Canadian Rule Means Smart Packing for U.S.-Bound Travelers

By Linda Tancs

Getting ready to ski in Québec?  Or perhaps a visit to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics is in your future.  If you’re returning to the U.S., be advised that Transport Canada has put into place a strictly enforced rule of one carry-on bag per passenger.  According to the agency’s fact sheet, this article must not exceed the dimensions of a small gym bag–measuring 9 inches, 16 inches and 22 inches. Exempt items include purses, medical equipment, camera bags, baby gear and laptops. Now don’t get tricky with those exemptions. If you pack your life into your laptop bag, then, voilà, you now have your carry-on. Also, you can have either a purse, laptop or camera bag–not all three–as an extra. Save yourself the worries and pack only what you need. Given the enhanced security requirements (to include body imaging as a result of the recent threats at Christmas), your fellow travelers will thank you.



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