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The Treasures of Tivoli

By Linda Tancs

Today marks the 168th opening of Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.  Although it’s more than just a garden (consider the bone chilling Demon roller coaster or its stately wooden counterpart built in 1914), the hallmark of this respite in the dead center of the city is its 15 gardens.  Among the Chinese and Japanese inspired gardens are 80,000 tulip bulbs to usher in the season.  The tulips border Tivoli Lake, the end of which presents the Parterre, a beloved garden with a view of the town clock.  All the better to remind you of the time you’ve likely spent getting lost in its charms.



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The Magic of Copenhagen

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific Travel Show, the topic is Copenhagen, Denmark.  Copenhagen is a large city but really has the feel of a village hamlet, much like the settings in stories told by its famous son, children’s storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.  Learn more about this kid-friendly destination at

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