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Old Florida

By Linda Tancs

The winter estates of inventor Thomas Edison and auto magnate Henry Ford are representative of a bygone era, tropical “old Florida.” Their historic homes are located in Fort Myers at Edison & Ford Winter Estates. Henry Ford purchased his home, The Mangoes, in 1916, providing him the opportunity to vacation with his good friend Thomas Edison. The porch, adjacent to the vintage garage, offers a spectacular riverfront view of the Caloosahatchee River. Edison’s Seminole Lodge contains the oldest structure at the Edison Ford complex, the caretaker’s cottage. Over the years Edison renovated and expanded his getaway to include more family bedroom suites in the main house, a guest house and pool complex. Besides their beautiful homes, the estate features over 20 acres of botanical gardens, nine historic buildings (including Edison’s botanic research laboratory) and the Edison Ford Museum, which contains an impressive collection of inventions, artifacts and special exhibit galleries sure to stir innovation and creativity among its visitors.

The Wizard of Menlo Park

By Linda Tancs

History buffs know that the Wizard is none other than Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, phonograph and over 400 other inventions.  Menlo Park is the site within Edison, New Jersey where the great innovator worked his magic.  Although another museum in West Orange gets more attention (and more tourists), this little enclave on Christie Street has one of those first light bulbs and the letter to the editor giving rise to the Wizard appellation.  You would have trouble finding the place but for the concrete tower topped off by a 3.5 ton bulb that rises like a phoenix above the trees on Lincoln Highway.  Are you the next great American inventor?  Stop by for a visit and maybe you’ll find your muse.



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