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The Spy House

By Linda Tancs

During the Revolutionary War, Thomas Seabrook spied on British troops from his one-room cabin near Raritan Bay in Port Monmouth, New Jersey, earning it in later years the moniker the “Spy House.”  One of the oldest surviving houses in the bayshore, it began as a small cabin in the 1700s and grew along with the prosperity of its owners, the Seabrooks and the Wilsons.  The Spy House (also known as the Seabrook-Wilson House) is listed on the state and national registers of historic places.  It’s also credited with being one of the most haunted houses in America, boasting up to five active apparitions.  Given that the house remained virtually unscathed despite the ruinous effects of Hurricane Sandy all around it, you might think that its otherworldly visitors have been looking out for the joint.

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