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Lots to Know About Louisville

By Linda Tancs

Louisville, Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Derby and the official American baseball bat.  That much a great majority of folks probably knows.  But there’s so much more going on there.  Did you know that one third of the world’s bourbon is made there?  Or that it’s home to the nation’s largest urban forest and the largest Victorian neighborhood?  It’s also the site of today’s annual Great Steamboat Race.  Beginning in 1963, the event has been a contest primarily between Louisville’s steamer, the Belle of Louisville, and New Orleans’ Delta Queen, both added to the National Historic Register in 1990. Since the Delta Queen’s conversion to a floating hotel in Tennessee, the Belle of Cincinnati replaced her in 2009.  The Battle of the Belles now includes a series of challenges and tasks throughout race day for the boats and their crews, culminating in the race down the Ohio River. Crowds in excess of 10,000 gather on the Indiana and Kentucky shorelines to cheer their favorite boat to victory.  May the best Belle win.


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