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Island Life Increases in Borneo

By Linda Tancs

Conservationist group WWF has reported the discovery of new species in Borneo, the world’s third largest island. The newest inhabitants include a lungless frog, a flying amphibian and a slug that shoots love darts. Cupid, you’ve met your match. In the past three years, 123 species of plant and animal have been discovered in this Southeast Asian island paradise about the size of Texas. In particular, there are 66 new plant species, 17 fish, 5 frogs, 3 snakes, 29 invertebrates, 2 lizards and a bird sharing space in what Charles Darwin described as “one great luxuriant hothouse made by nature for herself.” In an effort to prevent overcrowding, efforts are underway to protect 85,000 square miles of rainforest. You can bet at least one frog gives a flying leap about that.



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