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Hotel at the Crossroads

By Linda Tancs

Wilderness meets Baroque among the gentle peaks of the Hyblean Mountains in southeastern Sicily at Eremo della Giubiliana. A five-star hotel, it is set in a 12th century convent that served as a fortress against the incursions of Barbary pirates, surrounded by the Baroque cities of Ragusa and Modica. Above all, it may be the only hotel with its own archeological site, displaying the remains of ancient farm life with late Imperial age and Byzantine wall remains. Of course, you’d rather admire the relics than feel like one, which is why you can take in the view through the large glass doors of the hotel spa facing the site. As you might expect, the facility uses natural elements (like centuries-old olive trees hand crafted into fine soaps) to pamper its guests. As the saying goes, everything old is new again.

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