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Jurassic Park in France

By Linda Tancs

High in the Jura Mountains of eastern France the sauropod reigned supreme.  Just when you think its star would have faded, however, comes news of a discovery there of one of the largest dinosaur footprints (at almost five feet in diameter).   Dated from the Late Jurassic period (the era taking its name from the Jura due to some prehistoric rocks there), the well-preserved prints are likely not the last we’re going to hear about the long-necked vegetarian that weighed anywhere from 33 to 44 tons.   Perhaps this scientific discovery will invigorate tourism in the area–namely, the Jura Mountains Regional Natural Park, southwest of the mountain range on the French/Swiss border.  Filled with a wide variety of flora and fauna, mountain forests, high altitude grassland, wooded meadows, peat bogs, lakes and deep valleys, you can traverse the area by hiking, mountain biking or even Nordic skiing.  Who knows, you might even stumble upon some really big feet.


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