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Birthday Celebration in Puerto Rico Draws Tourists

By Linda Tancs

The third Monday in April is celebrated in Puerto Rico as Natalicio de José de Diego–José de Diego’s birthday. José de Diego, a poet, lawyer, and patriot, led the movement for Puerto Rican independence and self-government. Revered throughout the land, his birthday constitutes a public holiday, replete with festivals to occupy the day off from work and school. However, a national birthday party is but one reason to visit this northeastern Caribbean nation in April–despite the rainy season. Consider the kite festival in the beach town of Aguadilla, known for its world-class surfing. Or how about picking up a wooden figurine of the Virgin of Montserrat in Hormigueros during the carving festival? In this Island of Enchantment as they call it, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

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