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Furniture Shopping in Philly

By Linda Tancs

The exhibitors at the Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show hope you’ll invest in beauty.  Showcasing exceptional artisan quality furniture, the event is the longest running exhibition of its kind.  Featured exhibitors include Selvin Glass, Swede McBroom, Michael Brown and G. Keener & Co.  Most exciting, though, is the new location for the event this year–the 23rd Street Armory, an imposing castle-like structure built in 1901 that houses the Philadelphia City Cavalry, the oldest cavalry unit in continuous service in the United States.  The Troop acted as George Washington’s personal bodyguard during the Revolutionary War.  The history lesson alone is good enough reason to go.  The preview party and auction is on 23 March, followed by two days of artisanal bliss.

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