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For the Love of Blueberries

By Linda Tancs

Burgaw, North Carolina is a small town of 4000 or so inhabitants.  So why does such a tiny hamlet attract nearly eight times its population during the annual North Carolina Blueberry Festival?  Well, it is the state’s official ‘blue’ berry–and blueberry production got its start in this southeastern part of the state.  But Burgaw also brims with historical delights in its downtown location.  The old railroad station, for instance, is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Civil War Trail.  Dating back to 1850, it is believed to be the oldest standing depot in North Carolina.  Just decades older, the courthouse, a focal point for festival goers, is a mix of Georgian and Colonial architecture.  And just west of town is Moore’s Creek Battlefield, an 86-acre site dedicated to the Revolutionary War battle of Moore’s Creek.   So, for the love of blueberries, stop on by this Saturday.

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