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Visiting Nancy

By Linda Tancs

Who would think that a deposed Polish king would contribute much to 18th century European architecture in northeastern France?  Well, that’s what you’ll find in Nancy, a historic French city.  Thanks to an uprising in the 1700s, Nancy and its environs (formerly the Duchy of Upper Lorraine) were granted to Stanisław Leszczyński, former King of Poland.  The new duke built Stanislas Square to honor his son-in-law Louis XV of France.  Befitting its royal connection, the square boasts immense classical façades laden with wrought-iron railings embellished with gold.  City Hall, the Grand Hotel and the opera house complete the panorama of what is considered to be one of the most beautiful royal squares in Europe.  Nancy is 90 minutes by high-speed TGV train direct from Gare de l’Est in Paris.

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