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Rock Architecture in India

By Linda Tancs

Some of the most magnificent achievement in the history of rock architecture in western India is found in Elephanta Island off the coast of Mumbai. Located about 50 minutes away from the city by ferry, the island is known for its cave temples and sculptures from the mid-fifth to sixth centuries. The 15 large reliefs in the main cave not only constitute one of the greatest examples of Indian art but also one of the most important collections dedicated to Shiva. An added bonus is the journey to the island itself, offering spectacular views in clear weather of the iconic Gateway to India, a massive archway fronting Mumbai’s natural harbor dedicated to a visit by England’s King George V and Queen Mary.

India’s Billion-Dollar Home

By Linda Tancs

Amidst the wretched poverty of Mumbai it’s hard to imagine a billion-dollar home.  Yet, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, that’s exactly what overlooks the slums of the most populous city in India.  Named Antilia (after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean), the 27-story behemoth was custom built for Indian magnate Mukesh Ambani.  Reportedly sporting 37,000 square metres of space serviced by a staff of 600, the palatial digs will serve as the primary residence for the Ambani family of five.


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