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Ukraina’s Facelift Complete in Moscow

By Linda Tancs

Warm spring weather in Moscow provides leisurely boating opportunities down the Western bank of the Moscow River. For guests at the newly renovated Hotel Ukraina, a jaunt from the hotel’s jetty makes cruising a breeze. The 1950s Gothic-style monument to Stalin’s regime strikes quite the pose against the skyline opposite the Russian Government’s White House. A stone’s throw from the commercial hustle and bustle of Novy Arbat Street, the 30-story building with a combination of 1000 rooms, suites or apartments will reopen on 1 June, offering grand panoramic views of the city. In keeping with its moniker, the hotel offers a renowned authentic Ukranian restaurant. Other amenities include a 24-hour fully equipped business center, conference facilities, on-site shopping and a sightseeing and excursion bureau, all in the heart of Moscow.


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Road Rage

By Linda Tancs

Of the world’s economic superpowers (to the extent we have any these days), the award for worst traffic goes to (drumroll, please) Russia. Funny that a country producing over 15 Nobel Prize winners has accomplished so little to unblock the box–gridlock, that is. Moscow stands on the brink of traffic collapse as drivers idle along at 8 to 11 miles per hour through major arteries that were never designed for the influx of over 3 million vehicles pounding the pavement daily. Add to that reports of the underground suffering under the weight of nine million commuters; it’s only been designed to handle seven million. So what’s an anxious motorist to do? Might want to try the helicopter taxi–at a mere 2000 euros per hour. As the writer Jim Herron observed, “All they have to do is look down at the traffic and suddenly they don’t feel like [flying is] that expensive a way to travel after all.”

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