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Pyrotechnics in Spain

By Linda Tancs

Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain is a different kind of celebration, ushering in the warmer weather with a fireworks-like display of burning cardboard statues and effigies around town.  Fallas (meaning fires) is a unique pyrotechnic display, bringing this city of about 500,000 inhabitants into a blaze of glory for five days.  The roots of this fiery fiesta are uncertain, but many say that it originated as a Pagan ritual to celebrate the onset of spring.  During the day, there are plenty of parades and bullfights to keep you busy until the smoky haze begins again.


Winter Festivals

By Linda Tancs

Winter festivals are usually viewed as a celebration of the season and all its wintry accoutrements. But sometimes these events are more about ushering in spring–or just celebrating life. Tune in for a worldwide sampling at Travelrific® Radio.

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