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Frogs and Flowers

By Linda Tancs

Gunung Gading National Park in Borneo sports two interesting attributes: frogs and flowers. Its amphibious distinction owes to what some might describe as an other-worldly population of frogs. Considering the folk wisdom that the presence or absence of frogs is a barometer of environmental health, this can only signal good things. Its floral fame arises from its status as the home of the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia tuan-mudae. At full bloom this giant flower streches nearly one meter in width. The catch, of course, is to find it in bloom, an infrequent and short-lived event. Don’t let that stop you from exploring this national treasure southwest of Sarawak. From the peak of Mount Gading you can make like Lewis and Clark and survey all the flora and fauna the region has to offer.

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