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A Suite Makeover

By Linda Tancs

Haven’t you always wanted your cruise cabin to feel more like home sweet home?  Crystal Cruises has updated its Symphony suites to include floor-to-ceiling windows, dining space, tech gadgets and–the pièce de résistance–an all crystal pedestal sink in the powder room.  Let’s be crystal clear–this is high luxe on the high seas.



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High Oil Prices Affect High Seas

By Linda Tancs

A presumably unwelcome surprise awaits many current and prospective cruise passengers:  a fuel surcharge to offset oil prices nearing $100 per barrel.  Surcharges currently range from $5 to almost $8 per person per day, with some taking effect in a matter of days.  Check with your cruise company for details.  If you pay your balance early on an existing reservation, you may be able to avoid the extra fee.

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