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South Africa’s City of Roses

By Linda Tancs

Except for its annual festival of roses, you might think that South Africa’s “City of Roses” Bloemfontein (“fountain of flowers” in Dutch) is just a waypoint for oenophiles headed to Stellenbosch or art buffs on their way to Jo’burg.  Not so!  This city, the judicial capital of South Africa, has year-round delights.  For instance, Franklin Game Reserve on Naval Hill is currently the only nature reserve in the world to be located in the middle of a city.  There’s also Oliewenhuis Art Museum, a neo-Dutch style mansion, formerly a residence for the Governor General of the Union of South Africa and now one of the youngest art museums in the country. You’ll also enjoy a landscape of 70 hectares of grass and woodlands at the Botanical Gardens, or take a gander at the Big Five within the sanctuary of the Zoo.  Whatever you do, you’re sure to find a reason to stay awhile.


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