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Where History is Written in Stone

By Linda Tancs

In Georgia’s Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests, history is written in stone. Literally. Tucked away in the gap between Thunderstruck Mountain and Buzzard Roost Ridge, Track Rock Gap is a petroglyph site created by Creek and Cherokee people beginning more than 1,000 years ago. Boasting more than 100 carvings on soapstone boulders, it’s one of the most significant rock art sites in the southeastern United States and the only such site located on public land in Georgia. The Forest Service offers a fact sheet with drawings of the rock art so that you can identify the figures. The best time to visit is early or late in the day when the light is at a low angle and the figures are more discernible.


To limit the spread of COVID-19, attractions may be closed or have partial closures. Please keep those affected by the virus in your thoughts and be sure to follow the safety practices advocated by the Centers for Disease Control. Stay safe, and be well.

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