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Body Scans at Airports Cause Consternation

By Linda Tancs

In light of recent terror threats against the U.S., the Government has renewed interest in the full body scanners deployed in limited release among U.S. airports as previously reported in this blog.  Moreover, the Government has requested that international airports around the world adopt the devices as well.  London Heathrow will reportedly begin using the machines.  Reports from France indicate that the machines will also be in use in some of their airports, initially to search U.S.-bound travelers.  Contrary to fears, officials report that the machines do not emit harmful radiation and are safe for pregnant women and those with cancer in their health profile.  Of course, health is only one concern; the prospect of one’s contours being up for public inspection has private advocates reeling.  Are you ready for your close-up?  Let’s hear the views–pro and con.



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