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The Historic Center of Clockmaking

By Linda Tancs

At the German Clock Museum in Furtwangen you’ll journey through time. The Black Forest venue, appropriately located in the center of clockmaking, recounts time measurement tools from all periods leading up to the atomic clock. Its exhibitions (the nation’s largest clock collection) feature foreign clocks, quartz clocks, everyday timekeepers and, of course, the region’s best known export, the cuckoo clock. Ever wonder why the little bird is in a miniature house? All will be revealed.

Cuckoo About Cuckoo

By Linda Tancs

In Tabley, Cheshire, two dedicated horologists keep one of the most important collection of cuckoo clocks in the world.  Cuckooland boasts a wide variety of genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks, including a shop for purchase.  You can be the proud owner of such treasures as a nursery cuckoo clock, a collector clock, a limited edition, a cuckoo & quail clock, a musical cuckoo, or a 1 or 8 day cuckoo clock.  300 years of history await you.


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