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The Triple Crown in Chicago

By Linda Tancs

In the race toward enlightenment, Chicago wins the triple crown thanks to Artropolis, a celebration of art, antiques and culture at The Merchandise Mart beginning on 30 April. Art Chicago will assemble a collection of exhibits in various media such as painting, photography, drawings, prints, sculpture, video and special installations. Highlights this year include special exhibits for top MFA students from across the country, social and political-inspired art, an array of American artworks and nomadic sculptures of Swiss born artist Florian Graf, presented by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago. Other artistic nuggets are waiting for you at the International Antiques Fair, like a coral and gold sea urchin brooch. Now that you don’t see everyday. Next is NEXT, an arts fair presenting contemporary works in all their eye-popping splendor. Tickets are $20 per day or $25 for a multi-day pass through the event’s conclusion on 3 May. The weather will be cookin’ in Cook County this year, so get your tickets while it’s hot.


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