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White Gold in Fulda

By Linda Tancs

Originating in the town of Fulda, Germany, in 1740, the porcelain factory became known for gilding and low-fired colors in the production of items like figurines and tableware. Popularly referred to as “white gold,” a permanent collection of this prized porcelain is on display on the ground floor of the north wing of Fasanerie Palace, which boasts the kind of treasures you would usually expect to see only in a museum dedicated to porcelain and ceramics. The castle is also renowned for its antiquity collection, considered one of the finest private collections in Germany. Its gems include the marble portrait of Caligula (considered his best surviving image) and an Attic vase over 2,400 years old that is frequently mentioned in archaeological journals and pictured in numerous school textbooks. A guided tour of the porcelain collection is available at appointed times daily; you can also take a more comprehensive tour of the palace throughout the day. The castle, surrounded by baroque gardens, is located about 4 miles outside the city center of Fulda.

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