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Dwelling in the Wind

By Linda Tancs

Thomas Stone was the youngest member of the Maryland delegation to vote for the Declaration of Independence. He was also one of the politicians responsible for the Olive Branch Petition, a letter to King George III petitioning for the avoidance of conflict between Great Britain and the colonies. You can learn more about this peace-loving planter, lawyer and politician at the Thomas Stone National Historic Site near the historic town of Port Tobacco in Maryland. Take a 30-minute guided tour of the Thomas Stone House, unique not only for its blended architectural styles but also for the estate’s historical name, Haberdeventure. Although owners of the house over three centuries spelled it differently, the National Park Service chose to use “Haberdeventure” as the place name, which is generally agreed to be a loose variation of the Latin phrase “havitatio de ventus,” meaning to “dwell in or of the wind.” Living up to its name, the park area has endured a tornado, a derecho and the remnants of two tropical storms.

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