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A Memorable Walk in Portugal

By Linda Tancs

One of the best preserved trails in Europe, Rota Vicentina meanders through the Alentejo and Algarve regions of Portugal. There are two main routes, the “historical way” and the “fishermen’s trail.” The longer of the two is the historical way, a 142-mile journey from Santiago do Cacém to the Cape of St. Vincent that passes through forests, towns and villages. At 77 miles, the Atlantic coast-hugging fishermen’s trail, as the name implies, provides access to fishing grounds. For the less adventurous, one-day circular routes provide a less demanding trek although they still enhance the two main trails. You’ll find them in Almograve, São Luís, Troviscais, Santa Clara, Sabóia, Bordeira and Carrapateira. Avoid the summer crowds and go now. Unlike other places in Europe, southern Portugal is one of the few places where the weather is fine for trekking in February.

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