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A Port and More in Algeciras

By Linda Tancs

Algeciras is a port city in the south of Spain, the largest city on the Bay of Gibraltar and one of the largest ports in Europe. It’s easy to write it off as just a transit point to Morocco, but a wander around the city will prove its worth as a matter of historical interest. Take the Reina Cristina, for instance, a historic hotel opened in 1901 and evocative of British colonial architecture seen in nearby Gibraltar. Visited by royalty, statesmen and film stars, the hotel was originally built to meet the housing needs arising from the opening of the Algeciras-Bobadilla railway in the late 1800s. The city is also the birth and burial place of one of its most famous sons, Paco de Lucia, a famous flamenco guitarist and composer. The Paco de Lucia Route will take you to 10 sites in and around the city that were either a part of his life or referred to in his songs.


As coronavirus proceeds, it is likely that the vast majority of us will be limited in our travels. But this, too, shall pass. Our love for travel remains, so Travelrific will continue offering travel inspiration in this medium. Please keep those affected by the virus in your thoughts and be sure to follow the safety practices advocated by the Centers for Disease Control. Stay safe, and be well.

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