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A Museum for Spam

By Linda Tancs

A museum for spam. No, not the electronic kind. The facility in question celebrates a more welcome variety—the canned delight that has Americans all aflutter since its introduction in 1937. Located at the Hormel meat plant in Austin, Minnesota, the SPAM Museum includes a production toteboard (over 6 billion cans and counting), a mock assembly line and exhibits recounting everything from the can’s evolution to its role during wartime America. Don’t try to sample the exhibits. You can buy any of the 12 varieties in the gift shop.


  Mel & Suan wrote @

You know what? Spam would be really appreciated in South Korea. Apparently it is so well sought after that hampers are sold with them!

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  Linda Tancs wrote @


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  Mel & Suan wrote @

Well, that was what we heard and perhaps it was. Not sure if it is still in hampers! LOL. But on the other hand, they have an “army stew” that includes slices of spam in the hot pot!

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  Linda Tancs wrote @

That stew sounds good. I’ll have to add Spam to one of my stews!

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